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March 1, 2018


By: Marty Perrone - Carpenter Electric, Inc

Thanks to the plant manager at the Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant in Riviera Beach, Mr. John Fortini, the TEGG services division at Carpenter Electric will be performing their Unique, Proven and Guaranteed Method of Energized Predictive and Proactive Electrical Maintenance Testing at their plant.
Testing will get under way shortly after 9:00 AM on Monday once Carpenter Electric’s team of Certified TEGG Electricians, Technicians and Design Electric Specialist complete a list of Safety Training policies and procedures. In all, the work should be fully completed in seven or eight eight-hour workdays. The scope of work consists of; first, Ultrasonic testing with an Ultrasonic Probe to make sure the component is safe to open. Then, once the TEGG professionals know what they are dealing with, they will remove the covers of the energized electrical components, wearing all of the proper PPE (personal protection equipment), and perform a Thermal Imaging Scan with a highly sophisticated Infrared Camera. Then the final stage of testing takes place. Utilizing a TRUE RMS Digital Multi Meter the TEGG crew will test each piece of gear for any voltage, current or harmonic distortion issues.


According to Rick Seymour, the CEO of Carpenter Electric; “we are quite proud to have been chosen by the management team at Pepsi to test their electrical distribution system. The NFPA 70B recommends this kind of testing be performed by qualified electricians at least once a year to protect against accidental shut downs due to component failure or electrical fires.”        






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