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A qualified prospective member must attend at least two regular meetings (not more than three), meet

with the Inspection Officer / Board Member and then have a ninety percent "yes" vote by the attending members. Members are expected to be honest and extend their loyalty to each member. Dues are based on a $300 per year membership and are prorated $25 per month. There is no membership fee to the group. If dues go beyond sixty days without payment and without special Board exemption the board will terminate member.  

All dues are non-refundable for any reason up and including termination from the group.


Meetings are held each Wednesday morning at 7:30AM at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) conference room on Belvedere Road, just west of I-95, in West Palm Beach. 


Weekly attendance is required; members are also required to pass at least two referrals each month and should have at least one qualified prospective member for the first and second half of the year. If a member misses more than four non-excused meetings in a quarter, the Board will terminate the member. If a member gives less than two referrals per month for three consecutive months, the member may be terminated. If a member does not have at least one qualified prospect during the past twelve months, the member may be terminated.