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Kenneth Romer


South Florida,
About Kenneth Romer

 Ken has been in the Information Technology Business in excess of a 16 years. He started his career with Computer Sciences Corp as a network administrator. He was responsible for the security of the government network as well as the commercial side.

From there he went to work for a financial company and earned his way to becoming the Director of IT. While there Ken implemented network security strategies to take the privately held company public. He was in charge of developing cyber security policies as well as defending the network from intrusions.

In addition he has taught networking and advance computer skills for the Burlington County Collage as well as the Chubb Institute.
After years of protecting networks from a defensive perspective he founded ITMS LLC. The concept was to take those years of experience and apply them to an offensive posture.

Ken is also a volunteer advisor for the Hacking-Lab project. This project is a partnership with OWASP and helps others develop advance anti-hacking skills.

In addition Ken has been a guest speaker for the NJ Technology Council, and invited to speak at Cyber Security Technologies in Washington DC.

Ken is a member of the Electronic Crimes Task Force. This task force is part of the United States Secret Service and Ken assists them in investigations of cyber-crime, computer crimes, network intrusions, online enticements, hacking cases, web site defacements and identity theft relative to the security of financial and personal information.

Ken was appointed as a Technical Consultant for the Jupiter Police Department. He supports the PD with their computer forensic and cyber-crime investigations.

Along the way Ken has earned many advance certifications, such as MCSE, MCT, and a CCNA. Ken has achieved a CEH Certified Ethical Hacker. Now Ken helps companies secure their networks and information from hackers utilizing tools and concepts from the hacker’s perspective




We Specialize In Network Security Scans.

In today’s world of internet access to everything and everyone information safety must be a top concern. This applies to every company no matter the size.  Could some undesirable entity breach the company’s computer systems?  Could your customer, client, patients, employee or even your personal information be stolen?  How do you know?  What are the penalties for lost information?  What about the cost to your reputation?  Cost of legal action?